Keropok is cracker made of fish which is ground to a paste then mixed with sago before it is steamed and later deep fried. It is the snack instead of a proper meal and sometimes is served as the snack before meal. It can be eaten either when it is steamed or deep fried, both give different taste. The long chewy ones are called keropok lekor while the thin crispy are called keping, means slice. Both the keropok is usually eaten with chili dip.Keropok is easily found elsewhere in Kuala Terengganu, from the stalls beside the road to restaurants or market. If you wish to bring home some, go to the Central Market for dried keropok or fresh in Losong who is famous with largest Museum in Malaysia and its keropok. Kak Yah’s stall is the most popular at Losong, prof of that is Kak Yah magnificents house located next to her stall. Some say stall 007 near Floating Mosque is the best among this, well, find it out yourself.

Nasi Dagang

nasi dagang

The nasi dagang or traders rice is a choice meal for locals. This famous dish is synonymous with the East Coast and can be found everywhere in Terengganu. It is a mixture of normal and glutinous rice eaten with a variety of aromatic curries and dishes. The most popular accompaniment however is spicy tuna fish curry and piquant vegetable pickles.

Bubur Lambuk

Bubur Lambuk

Bubu lambuk or herbs rice porridge is a Terengganu traditional porridge cook with differ kinds of herbs, sweet potatoes, fish crackers, dry prawn etc. Young leaves and shoots of paku miding that are found growing on peat swamp forest is one of bubu lambuk ingredients.

Ketupat Sotong

ketupat sotong

Ketupat sotong is squid stuffed with glutinous rice bathed in a sea of cooked and thick coconut milk. The stuffing is soaked in coconut milk before it is put in the squids.



A delightful yet simple dish, the Iaksam is made using both wheat and rice Flours, and the dough is steamed. The gravy is made of fish meat, which is boiled, pureed, and later mixed with coconut milk.



Sata is an interesting blend of succulent boneless fish marinated in spices, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a flaming charcoal fire. Its sweet taste is tinged with the delicate smell of the wrapping, making it a great appetizer and healthy snack.



Rather than the usual mince fish otak otak most people have accustomed to, this otak otak or fish mousse is a fish based delicacy of which slices of fish are marinated and soaked in a thickly coated spices, mince shallots, onions, ginger, chillies and wrapped in banana leaves. Smaller fish are normally cut into two while bigger fish are sliced. The concoction is then wrapped in coconut leaf and cooked over a slow charcoal fire Kuala Kemaman, a little fishing village which is famous of otak-otak, satar and ikan bakar. The barbequed and aromatic smell of otak-otak never fails to prompt visitors to ask for second helpings.



Bronok is sweetmeat made out of boiling sago, sugar, red coloring and coated with shredded coconut.

Pulut Lepa

pulut lepa

Made of glutinous rice and fish, this snack food is prepared over a barbecue. Boiled fish meat is mixed with sliced onions, and dried chilies and coconut. The mixture is cooked until it is dry. This is then used as a filling for the glutinous rice rolls. Wrappings of banana leaf cover the food before it is cooked over the fire.